Pedestal Pre-Wet Systems
  • Pedestal Pre-Wet Systems

    Pedestal Pre-Wet Systems

  • Frame Mounted Pre-Wet System

    Frame Mounted Pre-Wet System

  • Chassis Mounted Pre-Wet System

    Chassis Mounted Pre-Wet System

GVM’s Pedestal Pre-Wet Systems are multi-functional liquid de-icer dispensing systems designed to pre-wet truck loads of solid de-icing materials.

Pedestal Pre-Wet Systems allow you to pre-wet multiple truckloads and multiple trucks with only one dispensing system. Pedestal systems are also capable of loading and unloading truck-mounted pre-wet tanks, returning the liquid de-icer to bulk storage tanks, and draining tanks for end-of-season maintenance.

Systems Include:

  • Adjustable height spray bar
  • Centrifugal pump, rated flow up to 60 GPM
  • Post-mounted control box
  • Hot dip galvanized steel to meet ASTM specification A123 on base, main body and spray arm


  • Fixed base system or freestanding systems
  • Storage tank sizes: 300-10,000 gal.
  • Dusk-to-dawn light
  • Tank Plumbing to Dispensing Package
  • Remote control for ease of operation
  • Linear actuator, for mechanical spray arm adjustment
  • Electric ball valve to prevent tank siphoning

Designed to pre-wet granular material at the spinner, GVM’s Truck Mounted Pre-Wet Systems are built on the heaviest duty frames in the industry for extended durability. Truck Mounted Pre-Wet Systems are ideal for Departments of Transportation, municipalities, townships, and landscapers. With a variety of sizes and mounting options, this pre-wet system can be customized to fit virtually any truck.

V-box mounted systems V-box Mounted System

Mounting Options and Sizes:

  • Frame mounted: 35-65 gal. available
  • Chassis mounted: 60-240 gal. available
  • V-Box mounted: 30-450 gal. available
  • Tailgate mounted: 30-135 gal. available


  • Accurately and consistently dispenses all common pre-wet liquids
  • Cab mounted controller
  • Hot dip galvanized steel carrier
  • Weather proof polyethylene pump housing
  • Hydraulic or electric pump

Tailgate mounted systems Tailgate Mounted System