GeoMelt is an agricultural byproduct of the sugar beet industry. Using GeoMelt in conjunction with rock salt or salt brine will enhance the melting power of the chemicals to 0°F or lower. This patented product also works with other deicing liquids and when added to salt or salt brine, is 60% less corrosive than rock salt alone. GeoMelt allows you to “go green”, helping to preserve the environment, while also using less materials. It is an effective and economical solution to deicing roads, walkways and parking lots.

 •  Reduces salt consumption
 •  Reduces labor
 •  Increases equipment life

 •  Works longer; 2-3 days residual
 •  Works in temperatures as low as -30°F

Environmentally Friendly
 •  Less corrosion to surfaces
 •  Less harmful to green spaces