GVM Blend Station
  • GVM Blend Station

    GVM Blend Station

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    Pump Transfer Station

  • GVM Portable Pump Station

    GVM Portable Pump Station

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    Calcote Fill System

To accurately mix up to three de-icing chemicals, the GVM Blend Station allows users to quickly adapt to any weather event. Users can accurately reach any desired rate or effective temperature for their de-icing solutions using the GVM Blend Station.

GVM’s station also allows users to set a programmable batch size and volume. Additionally, the system features an automatic shut-off, for ease of operation.

As costs chemical inputs continue to increase, users will recognize savings of hundreds to thousands of dollar per truckload by mixing their own liquids with the GVM Blend Station. 

How it Works:
The unit is comprised of dependable Raven components. The Raven mixing tube generates over 100,000 Reynolds of mixing turbulence at only 100 GPM, guaranteeing that your individual chemicals will be thoroughly blended together before application to the road surface, thus eliminating the need of a separate mixing tank. The turbulence rating increases as the GPM rate increases. The unit also includes Raven Flow Max components paired with Raven flowmeters.

Flow Max 810 Controller

  • Programmable batch size
  • Pre-cutoff setting to ensure accurate batch volume
  • Automatically shuts off electric ball valves
  • Connected with Raven flowmeters to ensure accurate readings of chosen materials to be blended
  • Raven Mixer
  • Ensures accurate and even blending of liquid de-icing materials 
  • Eliminates the need for tank mixing; one tank for each chemical
  • Enhances mixing turbulence through a honeycomb style grate within the blending tube
  • 316 stainless steel
  • Mixing Turbulence
    • 10 GPM…..10,000 Re
    • 25 GPM…..25,000 Re
    • 100 GPM…105,000 Re
    • 200 GPM…210,000 Re
  • Flowmeters
    • Raven RFM 60P- 60 GPM
    • Raven RFM 200- 200 GPM
    • Raven Electric ball valves


  • Rotationally molded, UV stabilized polyethylene 22 x 11 x 12 in. (L x W x H) enclosure
  • Fill hose and unload hose: 15 ft of 1 in. chemical resistant rubber 
  • Poly fill nozzle with stainless steel spring and pin for easy tank filling
  • Tank return assembly, attached to the storage tank 
    • 1 in. poly bulkhead fitting
    • 5 ft of 1 in. hose
    • 1 in. poly ball valve with quick couple connection
    • 2 in. poly tank shut off valve with male quick couple attached
    • 15 ft of 1-¼ in. flexible PVC hose fitted with 2 in. female quick couple for tank connection
    • 1-¼ in. poly hose barb for connecting to pump, secured with stainless steel hose clamps

GVM’s portable pump transfer stations are built to meet your specific requirements for filling pre-wet or anti-icing systems. During winter weather maintenance operations, efficient and dependable equipment is required to meet the service demands of the modern traveling public. GVM understands that time and dependability are priceless, minutes lost in initial response time, allowing precipitation to bond with pavement can cost thousands of extra dollars.

GVM’s portable pump transfer stations feature a molded polyethylene enclosure with a lockable lid, electric motor driven pump and hosing. Pump Transfer Stations can also be built with an optional gas driven engine with a 2 inch suction and discharge. The system’s polyethelene enclosure is large enough to store hosing inside the enclosure when the pump station is not in use.

CFS Series Systems are designed to dispense liquid chlorides and other liquid pre-wet solutions into truck mounted tanks used to pre-wet de-icing materials. They also have the ability to unload, and return liquids held in the truck mounted tanks to the storage tank.
Features and Options:

  • Work light allows for safe and efficient operation 24 hours a day
  • Dispenses all common prewet liquids 
  • CFS-Series Systems are constructed of materials and components proven to be durable in the harsh environment of winter road de-icing
  • Full line of polyethylene storage tanks ranging from 300 - 10,000 gallons in size. Series 1000 and 1500 systems include a timer for automatic shutoff