• Baffle Balls

Save money by reducing fuel and maintenance costs.

  • Reduce fluid movement for improved load stability during transit
  • Suitable for use with all tanks: steel, poly, fiberglass, aluminum, etc.
  • Food grade quality material, suitable for use with potable water
  • Baffle Balls can be used with water, diesel & many other liquids
  • Simple to install, just clip together & place inside tank
  • No rust ever, lightweight & durable
  • Low liquid displacement
  • Large ball displaces 14 oz & weighs only 0.8 lb
  • Small ball displaces 5 oz and weighs only 0.25 lb
  • Recommend use quantity:
    • 7.5” is one baffle ball per 2 gal. of total tank capacity
    • 14” is one baffle ball per 10 gal. of total tank capacity