ABS-1500 Brine System
  • ABS-1500 Brine System

    ABS-1500 Brine System

  • ABS-800 System

    ABS-800 System

GVM’s Brine Manufacturing Automated Batch System's (ABS) are designed to convert dry rock salt into liquid for pre-wetting or anti-icing roadways. The use of salt brine lowers the freezing point of snow and ice and has become a popular and cost-effective solution for managing roadways. GVM's ABS Brine Systems lower operation costs by using readily available materials; granular salt and tap water.

GVM offers three systems to quickly and easily manufacture salt brine. Each system includes Misco Digital Refractometer to measure the saturation percentage of salt brine.

  • Produces up to 5000 gallons of brine per hour (depending on water source)
  • Heavy duty polyethylene construction, resistant to ultraviolet rays and many chemical products
  • Stainless steel tank divider separates manufactured salt brine for pumping to storage tanks or truck mounted tanks
  • Hot dip galvanized structural steel frame meets ASTM specification A-123 for corrosion protection
  • 115 in. wide top opening accommodates front-end loader buckets
  • Tank designed to be rolled over for easy clean-out

Ideal for landscapers, small municipalities, and contractors, the ABS-800 is GVM’s most economical system available.

  • 800 gallon capacity tank, 144 x 43 x 58 in.
  • 2.5 cu yd salt capacity
  • Single speed pump, 110 GPM
  • Portable for use at multiple locations

The ABS-1500 allows users to pump manufactured brine from the brine maker to a storage tank as well as use the storage tank as a fill station to fill truck mounted tanks without adjusting or moving hoses. The system also allows users to load and unload truck mounted pre-wet tanks and large anti-icing tanks.

  • 1500 gallon tank, 151 x 53 x 63 in.
  • 5 cu yd salt capacity
  • 2 speed pump for high and low operation speeds, 40 GPM-130 GPM