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    Agrion NIR camera view

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Are you using drones effectively? In agriculture, drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's) are a quick and efficient means to collect field level data with on-demand results. Agricultural drones, in comparison to other ag equipment and precision tools, are very affordable and can pay for themselves in as little as one growing season.

Agricultural drones can be used for:

  • Crop scouting & field health monitoring
  • Prescription mapping for in-season fertilization
  • Weed reports with locations and coverages
  • 3D terrain mapping
  • Improving irrigation management
  • Crop damage assessment

When paired with robust software, like FarmLens and SMS Advanced, drones are able to provide actionable data within minutes of their flight.

Agricultural drones will become an important part of many growers Precision Ag Programs.

The NDVI software platform by FarmLens is one of the simplest, most advanced solutions to helping growers monitor crop health and make better precision decisions for each field. Designed specifically for agriculture, FarmLens is intuitive and provides actionable results in minutes.

Plan Your Flight - Preprogram the flight from your office, or program the flight directly from the field using your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, then simply sync the path to your drone and you're ready to fly.

Fly and Collect - With the touch of a button, take-off, fly your path, and land. Once the flight is completed, just upload the information collected on the SD card for the FarmLens processing and analytics platform.

Decide - Within minutes of the flight, view preliminary results and determine if any more specific data or photos will helpful to your analysis. Additional photos can be taken and logged in the system to ensure all data possible is available when making decisions. Back at the office, within a few business hours, you'll have a full NDVI Field Health Map and Flight Report.

Sample FarmLens Report

   FarmLens Data Products Subscription Level
Field Health Report - Identify and quantify issues within a field, guiding more effective and efficient field scouting.The output is a relative Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) map that shows the relative vegetation condition within a field. The result is available as Google Earth, GeoTIFF, and JPG. 

Includes stitching for RGB and/or NIR. 

Variable Application Report - From the NDVI, FarmLens generates a gridded management zone map in vector file (SHP) format, compatible with most agricultural data packages (e.g. SMS, SST). This report is an excellent input to tailor variable rate application. Professional
Digital Scouting Report - This complete, printable PDF report is an excellent presentation to growers and other customers. In addition to snapshots of the Field Health Report, it contains specific, field-level weather data, including growing degree days, temperature trends and precipitation – all on 1- and 3-year trends. Professional
Stand Count - Provides accurate plant counts across the survey area, used to identify poor germination and assist replanting decisions. Professional
Custom Data Processing - Digital elevation models (DEM), weed maps, and more.


Portable, Affordable, and Agricultural Drone Systems

Choose the Phantom or Phantom 4 drone equipped with a near infrared (NIR) camera designed to capture superb field-level imagery, which is integrated with the included FarmLens platform for processing.

Agrion System Comparison

Features Agrion Starter Agrion Plus RGB Option
 FarmLens Pro processing  3 months 3 months 3 months
 Camera Near IR Near IR Unmodified RGB
 Rugged case Yes Yes Yes
 Batteries 2 4 1
 iPad Mini 4 tablet X Yes X
 Charger X Yes X
 Extra props X 4 X

Call for pricing and availability.

Agrion Drone System Comparison

  Agrion P4 Agrion P3
 Drone    DJI Phantom 4 Pro - easy to fly, worry-free autopilot, 360-degree obstacle avoidance, GPS/GLONASS DJI Phantom 3 Advanced - easy to fly, worry-free autopilot, GPS/GLONASS
5,870 mAh, 15.2v smart batteries 4,480 mAh, 15.2v smart batteries
Remote controller - DJI Lightbridge  technology for extended range
Rugged case
  P4 P3
Size (rotor center-to-center) 13.75 in. 13.75 in.
Weight 3 lb 2.8 lb
Cruising speed 30 mph 30 mph
Linear flight distance 8 mi. 6 mi.
Flight endurance 27 min. 23 min.
Maximum wind tolerance 24 mph 20 mph
Coverage per battery (no wind) 100 acre 80 acre
Telemetry range (ideal conditions) 4 mi. 3.1 mi.
 Imaging System  DJI camera permanently modified for near infrared  (NIR) imaging (Starter & Plus)
1-in. CMOS sensor, effective pixels: 20M Sensor - Sony EXMOR 1/2.3-in., effective pixels: 12.4M
 Tablet  Apple iPad mini4 (Plus)  
Compatible with recommended application for flight planning & monitoring  
 FarmLens Data Processing       All imaging products georeferenced & viewable on tablet or smartphone  
Three months unlimited processing
Rapid turnaround for results  
 FarmLens Uploader - Windows software to automate upload process
All imaging products georeferenced  
 Available file formats: Google Earth (KMZ), GeoTIFF, & shapefile
Compatible with FarmLens QVu for instant NDVI results without an internet connection  
 Included Reports    Field Health Report: NDVI raw, NDVI false color, & RGB
 Variable Application Report: shapefile format compatible with farm data management software (i.e. SMS, Apex, Deere, etc.) 
 Digital Scouting Report: PDF report suitable for delivery to end-user with above reports, augmented with historic field-level weather information (growing degree days, precipitation)  Localized End-User Report: PDF report suitable for delivery to end-user with above reports, augmented with historic field-level weather information (growing degree days, precipitation)
Support Phone & email
90-day warranty



Cutting edge near infrared NDVI camera technology, allows users to easily scout hundreds of acres and get actionable data in minutes. With a current Drone Deploy subscription the NDVI camera conversion leads to a new generation of precision agriculture UAVs.

The Inspire is powerful, lightweight, flexible, and stable. All of the latest aerial technology is packed into one simple, ready-to-fly system. Use the NDVI camera for crop consulting or the 4K HD camera/video camera for monitoring crops and livestock. The specially modified NDVI camera allows you to see the infrared spectrum to precisely measure vegetation needs regarding nutrients, pesticides, and water. 

  • 12.4 MP camera for stills & video
  • 18 minute flight time
  • Interchangeable cameras: NDVI & HD
  • Drone Deploy capable
  • DJI go capable
  • Remote control customization
  • Live Map & Radar: see precisely where the Inspire is at all times, as well as your most recent flight path
  • Dynamic Home Point: when GPS signal is available, the home point automatically refreshes, allowing the return-to-home point to follow the operator
  • Auto-Takeoff and Landing: takeoff and landing is easy, tap once to takeoff and your Inspire will hover and transform, ready to fly, tap again to transform into landing mode and auto land
  • Flight Telemetry: all of the information you need to fly safely is just a glance away, altitude, flight speed, distance, and more are right at your fingertips 

Packages includes the programming to write a prescription from the NDVI camera that can be loaded into your sprayer or spreader. 

Package No. 1

Package No. 2

Package Add-Ons

  •  DJI Inspire 1 UAS, controller, & case 
  • 4 extra propellers
  • 2 batteries & charger
  • Android based tablet
  • NDVI camera
  • 1 year subscription to DroneDeploy
  • 1 year subscription to SMS Advanced*
  • DJI Inspire 1 UAS, controller, & case 
  • 4 extra propellers
  • 2 batteries & charger
  • Android based tablet
  • HD camera
  • 1 year subscription to DroneDeploy*
  • DJI Inspire 4-in-1 battery charger
  • DJI Inspire TB48 battery
  • Monitor sun shield
  • HD camera
  • NDVI camera 
*Requires yearly renewal fee    

Simple, Fast, & Effective

DroneDeploy is the easiest and fastest app to automate flights, capture photos, and to create 2D maps, digital elevation models, and 3D models. DroneDeploy is designed for crop scouting, analysis, drainage tiling, solar panel inspection, mining, construction, and many other applications. 

  • Get early warnings to eliminate pests, weeds, & disease infestations 
  • Apply inputs only where needed, saving time & money
  • Study crop growth & monitor yields through all stages of growth to spot problems early
  • Inspect equipment such as irrigation systems & building roofs
  • Calculate distance, area, & volumes accurately, from the air
  • Determine stockpile volumes with lidar-level accuracy
  • Track cracks, erosion, & rock falls from a distance

Ag Leader Software

Using the SMS Advanced software, users can view field trends based on layers of annual field data including: soil types, soil fertility results, yield data, yield trends, NDVI results, and more in a single map to create management zones. Build an equation to generate a new dataset based on mapped layers.

  • Map layer types: soil test results, soil type, grain harvest, zone maps or previous fertilizing application
  • Create, edit and save fertilizer recommendation equations
  • Output multiple product recommendations from a single equation, for efficient prescription writing
  • Convert imagery into a manageable spatial layer for data analysis, creating prescriptions, or generating management zones