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    Disc Harrow

Balers, bale wrappers, front loaders, feeder wagons, manure spreaders, farming trailers, disc cultivators – these are the flagships of the leading Polish manufacturer of agricultural machinery and equipment – Metal-Fach. The Company, which is in Sokółka, has gained trust amongst farmers in Poland and all round the world over the years.

Precision, durability and safety – this is how the agricultural machines and equipment supplied by Metal-Fach to its customers can be described in a nutshell. The brand is constantly focused on quality and growth – all in order to best meet the expectations of today’s agriculture.

Packer Roller: A heavier roller good for crushing clods and firm soil compaction.

Pipe Roller: For light to medium soil and dry working conditions.

Rubber Ring Roller: Ideal for variable soils. Doesn’t sink in light soils.

DD Heavy Roller: Excellent roller for heavy, rocky soils with high organic content.

Available as 3-point hitch (9' 10", 14' 10" or 19' 9" widths) or pull type (14' 10" or 19' 9" widths)

Designed for optimum soil and residue incorporation the compact disc harrow is a universal tool capable of cultivation depths from 2" to 6". Used after harvest or before planting the harrow doesn’t just cover the remaining vegetation but perfectly mulches it with the top layer of soil.

The working depth of the harrow discs may be adjusted using the tractor’s 3-point hitch or the mechanical or hydraulic shaft adjustment mechanism.