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Norwesco, Inc. is North America's leading manufacturer of rotationally molded polyethylene tanks for agricultural, water, closed-top industrial, and below ground septic and cistern applications. Norwesco was founded in 1939 in St. Paul, Minnesota under the name of Northwest Plastics, Inc. The name was changed in 1973 and at that time Norwesco was ranked as one of the oldest and largest plastic processors in the United States.

Over the last ten years, Norwesco has significantly expanded their geographic presence through the addition of manufacturing facilities throughout the United States and Canada. Norwesco currently operates 17 plants and is the third largest rotational molder in North America.

Norwesco is committed to the highest levels of product quality and customer service. 

PLEASE NOTE: Tank availability may vary according to manufacturing location. Tank dimensions and capacities may vary slightly and are subject to change without notice.

Vertical Storage Tanks

VerticalWhite or Blue Vertical Storage Tanks are most frequently used for bulk storage and mobile nursing applications. Norwesco vertical tanks feature tie-down slots, built-in graduated gallon indicators, an offset fill-opening and a self-vented, slosh-proof lid.


Vertical WaterBlack and Dark Green Vertical Tanks. These water tanks are manufactured using resins that meet FDA specifications to ensure safe storage of potable water. The black or dark green color limits light penetration which reduces the growth of water-borne algae. These tanks are rated at 8 pounds per gallon, which means that they are for WATER STORAGE ONLY! They should not be used for chemicals, fertilizers or any other product. Where applicable, the tanks will carry the NSF approval.

Horizontal Leg Tanks

Horizontal leg tankWith the broadest leg tank line available, Norwesco manufactures a size that will fit your needs. Used primarily for transport and nursing applications, Norwesco’s leg tanks feature molded-in legs that act as “baffles” to reduce sloshing.

Pictured left to right: 325 gal. and 1025 gal. Horizontal Leg Tank.

Elliptical Leg Tanks

Elliptical Leg TankThis elliptical tank style is designed to provide the greatest capacity with the lowest center of gravity, making it the best design available for transporting larger volumes. Norwesco elliptical tanks feature molded-in legs that act as “baffles” to reduce sloshing and provide increased stability during transport.

All Norwesco elliptical leg tanks require full length bottom support as well as support band (see tank accessories)*

Drainable Leg Tanks

Drainable Leg TankWhen complete drainage is necessary, these are the tanks of choice. They are designed primarily for use on fertilizer and chemical nurse trailers.

All Norwesco drainable tanks require full length bottom support as well as support bands. 

Pickup Truck Tanks

Pickup Truck TanksDesigned to fit full-size, American-made pickups, the 325 and 425 sizes have low profiles for better rear vision. They feature fill openings offset to the side of the tank for safety and easy access. A tough circular design adds strength. The 210 gallon tank fits both "mini" pickups and full-sized models. Depending on which way the tank is turned, the bottom width can be either 39 in. or 48 in.


Flat Bottom Utility Tanks

Flat Bottom Utility TanksThe Flat Bottom Utility tank can be used for many applications. It is the perfect choice when looking for a tank to put in the bed of a pickup truck. The tank may be used with or without bands.

PCO Tanks

PCO TankA multi-purpose tank, the PCO is well suited for nursery, agricultural and lawn care applications. These tanks feature self-supporting legs and do not require any saddles or steel supports. Flat spots are molded into both ends to provide mounting areas for agitation equipment.


Mini Bulk Tanks

Mini Bulk TanksMini bulk tanks are most frequently used for chemical dispensing. The tanks can be mounted on forklift accessible pads for ease of movement. A 2 in. polypropylene fitting is installed directly across from the fill-opening.

Elliptical Tanks

Elliptical TanksDesigned for larger volume applicator needs, the Norwesco elliptical tanks feature a low profile design and a low center of gravity for excellent visibility in the field and increased stability when towed. A deep sump permits complete drainage and the tanks feature an 8 in. or 16 in. fill-opening.

Elliptical Skids Sold Separately
Unit consists of a black skid and appropriate bands and hardware to support the elliptical tank. The skids come with a pre-cut hole designed to fit Norwesco sumps.


Applicator, Inductor, Total Drain and Spot Sprayer Tanks

All Norwesco applicator tanks feature a lid which threads directly into the fill-opening of the tank to prevent the sloshing or leaking of tank contents during transport or application. The inductor tanks are suitable for mixing chemicals when filling a tank. The spot sprayers feature threaded inserts on the bottom of the tank for mounting purposes, on one side for wand/gun placement and on the top for a 12 volt pump.

Saddles & Stands Sold Separately (see Tank Accessories)**

Specialty Water Tanks

Specialty Water Tanks

Freestanding waterFreestanding Water Tanks
These tanks have been designed with residential and commercial applications in mind. The dimensions of the tanks allow them to fit through a conventional doorway. The design of these tanks allow them to be freestanding/self-supporting and eliminates the need for a steel frame.

Above Ground Specialty Tanks

Above Ground Horizontal Box WaterHorizontal Box Water Tank
The low profile design of this tank makes it ideal for use on trailers or in the back of a truck. The slosh reduction ribs provide excellent structural support. It can also be used as a stationary water storage tank.


Low Profile WaterLow Profile Water Tanks
The low profile tanks may be used for storage or transport. They are an excellent choice when height limitations are a factor and are the perfect height for putting under your cottage or cabin.


Cone Bottom Tanks

Norwesco offers a full range of cone bottom tanks designed for a variety of applications. The conical bottoms enable quick and complete drainage. As with all Norwesco tanks, the cone bottom tanks are molded of rugged, high density polyethylene and are both impact and chemical resistant.

Maintenance free, lightweight Norwesco polyethylene stands offer unequaled corrosion resistance.

Norwesco heavy duty stands are manufactured from structural steel and offer a full dish for uniform support. An optional top band is available for the 2500/3000 steel stand when additional support is needed.

Tank Accessories

*Steel Supports & Accessories for Leg Tanks
Norwesco bands are custom fabricated to support the Norwesco tanks and are galvanized or powder coated for added corrosion protection. Whether using the tank in a stationary position or for transport, bands are necessary to ensure that the tank retains its shape and integrity.

Elliptical Tank Skids
Unit consists of a black skid and appropriate bands and hardware to support the elliptical tank. The skids come with a pre-cut hole designed to fit Norwesco sumps.

**Inductor Stands and Applicator Saddle Assemblies
Designed to provide necessary support for the applicator/inductor tank during use. Norwesco saddles include polyester straps, buckles and bolts to secure tanks, and inductor stands are supplied with all necessary hardware.

Polypropylene Bulkhead Fittings/EPDM or Viton Gaskets
Norwesco’s polypropylene fittings come standard with an EPDM gasket. Viton gaskets are available as an option when EPDM may not be suitable for your application. The 2 inch stainless steel bulkhead fitting comes standard without a gasket.

High Density Polyethylene Lids
The hinged lid is manufactured from a co-polymer material for strength, durability and excellent chemical resistance. Our unique locking tab allows you to easily slip a padlock through it and secure your lid from theft or spills. The lid is interchangeable with a standard 16 in. lid and ring assembly if you choose to replace your existing lid.

  • Easy open/close - opens a full 180°
  • Comes complete with a baffle vent assembly which allows for adequate venting when bottom filling your tank
  • Unique locking tab
  • All parts of lid may be ordered as repair parts

Containment Basin
Be kind to the environment and limit your liability by using a Norwesco polyethylene containment tank. Federal, state, and local agencies are enforcing stringent rules and regulations regarding spills, leaks, and overflows from primary containment tanks. 

Containment basins and tanks are impact and corrosion resistant and are molded as a one-piece, seamless unit. The 125 cone bottom style is a “Tank In A Tank”; the 140, 250, 360, 500, 600 and 1300 gallon sizes are “basin style”; the 1350 is an open top tank and the 2050 and 2800 “Tank In A Tank” are molded with a dome that can be cut off to enable it to be used as a containment tank.

Weld GunTank Repair Kits & Tank Accessories
The tank repair kit includes a specially formulated welding wire containing co-polymers and adhesives. Wire may be used to effectively repair linear polyethylene. Easy to use, requires 110-volt power.

Fiberglass Tank 1Fiberglass tanks are a great low maintenance option for your liquid storage needs.  fiberglass tank 2

  • Premium grade isophthalic polyester resin throughout
  • White exterior gel coat with UV inhibitor
  • Standard with 3” flanged or female threaded fittings
  • 1” sight gauge openings, 4” vent, 20” manway
  • Single glass veil in the corrosion barrier
  • Tanks will not rust and do not need painting

Call today for a quote on these popular tanks!


Mid-State Tank has become a well known and respected manufacturer in the agricultural and industrial tank community. The primary goal of Mid-State Tank is to design and manufacture the highest quality stainless steel tanks fabricated in the industry.

All UL 142 approved material used in the manufacturing, 5/16 in. bottom, one piece flat flanged to prevent leakage and bottom rusting, 1/4 in. shell entire length of tank standard, solid welded inside and out, and 10,000 to 45,000 gallon capacities available.

Horizontal Round Construction

Model 8650. Round construction with full length stainless steel sills, 14 gauge shell and 12 gauge heads. Sizes range for 1000-1600 gallons.

Model 8660. Sizes available are 1600 to 3300 gallon capacity. 
Features include: polished head and weld seams, 304-2B SS construction, 12 gauge heads and shell, 16 in, manhole with 10 in, fill, and lift loops, 10 gauge weld on sills
Options: box, single or double slope sump, 2 compartments, mounting, 2 & 3 in. spargers, fenders

Horizontal Elliptical Construction

Model 8775. Elliptical, double conical shape for low profile and complete drainage. Available in one, two or three compartments. Available sizes are 1600, 2000, 2400, 2800 and 3200 gallons.
Features include: polished head and weld seams, lower center of gravity, 304-2B SS construction, 12 gauge heads and shell, 16 in. manhole with 10 in. fill and lift loops, 10 gauge weld on sills
Options: mounting, fenders, bumper, 2 & 3 compartments

Vertical Storage

Model 8690. Vertical Storage Tank. Sizes range from 1000 to 6000 gallon capacities.
Features include: cone top with dished bottom, 3 stainless channel legs with feet for stability, 16 in. inspection manhole and lift loops, 2 in. threaded fittings in the top and bottom, polished head, and weld seams

Model 8691. Vertical storage tank. 20,000 gallon capacity.

GVM Mild Steel Liquid Storage Tanks
The advanced design of these popular storage tanks makes them extremely rugged and durable. Heavy steel construction prevents ruptures and spills, even under maximum loads. For extra protection, the exterior is shot blasted and primed; interior shot blasting and epoxy coating are also available.

All mild steel tanks are ¼ in. steel, welded inside and out with a 5/16 in. dished bottom and a 24 in. bolted manway.

1010 and 1315 Fully Drainable

  • Extra heavy duty 6 in. channel iron frame (1010)
  • Extra heavy duty 6 in. tubular iron frame (1315)
  • Heavy duty 6 in. cross member tank supports
  • Back of the frame is extended 2 in. to act as a bumper
  • Extra heavy duty high speed cambered axles
  • 8,000 lb slipper spring suspension per axle
  • Pump mounting inside frame for greater pump protection
  • Heavy duty swivel jack
  • Step platforms
  • 11L x 15 tires (1010)
  • 12.5L x15 tires (1315)

1610 Fully Drainable

  • Extra heavy duty 8 in. tubular iron frame
  • Heavy duty cross member tank supports
  • 18,000 lb suspension with slipper springs
  • 7,000 lb top wind drop leg jack
  • 11R 22.5 truck tires
  • 5 year frame warranty

1025 Horizontal Flat Bottom

  • Extra heavy duty 6 in. channel iron frame
  • Back of frame is extended 2 in. to act as a bumper
  • Heavy duty 6 in. cross member tank supports
  • Extra heavy duty high speed cambered axles
  • 7,000 lb slipper spring suspension per axle
  • Pump mounting inside tongue for greater protection
  • Heavy duty swivel jack
  • Step platforms
  • 11L x 15 tires
  • 15 x 10 wheels

1635 Elliptical Flat Bottom

  • Extra heavy duty 8 in. tube frame
  • 6 in. cross member tank supports
  • 18,000 or 20,000 lb suspension with slipper springs
  • 7,000 lb heavy duty tongue jack
  • 11R 22.5 truck tires

Available Options

  • Fenders
  • Hose stand
  • Electric brakes
  • Surge brakes
  • Sparge tube
  • 4 ft platform
  • Inductor unit
  • High speed tires and axles
  • Light kits
  • Ball coupler