72 M-AX – High Flow
  • 72 M-AX – High Flow

    72 M-AX – High Flow

  • 7200 LF – Low Flow

    7200 LF – Low Flow

  • 7201B Open Front Brush Cutter

    7201B Open Front Brush Cutter

Expect More from a Brush Wolf

Whether you own a compact or a full-size skid steer, excavator, backhoe loader or tractor, Brush Wolf has a model to suit your needs. The selection of operating equipment is vast, and so are the features offered. The goal for the Brush Wolf attachments is to provide you with the best fit for your equipment. The best fit equates to working with the auxiliary hydraulic flow available on your machine.

By pairing the right-angle gearbox and correct hydraulic motor we achieve the highest torque available while maintaining a proven tip speed ideal for brush cutting applications. That is why they offer over thirty models in either low flow, standard or high flow. Certified welders use one piece of steel to form the deck. The motor and gearbox are pre-assembled on a one-half inch steel plate then welded to the deck for proper alignment. Experience the power, performance and reliability from Brush Wolf products.

The X Series Excavator Models are powerful brush cutters that can handle the most demanding jobs cutting through dense forest and thick brush. Brush Wolf's industry leading excavator-mounted brush cutters allow you to cut brush in areas that a skid steer can't go, such as riverbanks, lakeshores, swampy areas and hillsides.

Brush Wolf provides the industry’s widest range of Rotary Brush Mulcher models for low flow, standard flow, and high flow systems. Models also available for walk behind skid steers and mini excavators. Available models: 42", 48", 60", 66", 72", 78" and 90". Cutting capacities from 2" to 12". Over 15 years' experience building brush cutters with exclusive features that set Brush Wolf cutters above the rest.

Brush Wolf's 7201B Open Front Brush Cutter allows you to cut on the move. Closed front cutters require you to stop when you come to heavy brush or saplings, lift the cutter up and lower it onto the material for cutting. The 7201B can cut through heavy brush without stopping.