2019 T380 Bigger and Better
  • 2019 T380 Bigger and Better

    Bigger and Better

  • GVM T380 Prowler

    4 Wheel Steer

  • 2018 DD Twin Chain

    DD Twin Chain

  • 2018 DD Twin Chain

    DDTC Section Control

Four Season, All-Wheel Drive, Versaility

The all NEW T380 Prowler is equipped to carry 12 tons and 1800 gallons with a light enough footprint to float on top of wet ground in early season and the ability to switch between applications in just 30 minutes. The ideal blend of a complete mechanical, all-wheel-drive chassis paired with LSW tires enables the Prowler to offer more flotation than any competitor. 

  • Tier 4F Cummins QSL9 380 hp engine
  • Funk 11-speed powershift trans.
  • Mechanical, all-wheel drive
  • Auto Steer Ready
  • ISO controls
  • In-cab diagnostic and monitoring system
  • 1800-gallon SS tank
  • 12-ton dry capacity
  • LSW tires for higher clearance & lower compaction
Options Include:
  • 4-Wheel Steer
  • Adjustable Axles
  • Double Duty spreader
  • NEW Double Duty Twin Chain with section control
  • New Leader L4000G4, L4500G4, L5000 G5
  • Booms up to 120-ft

Genuine, four-season adaptability, faster road speeds, and the industry's greatest capacities, in addition to the ability to switch between two application techniques in less than 30 minutes make the Prowler your best venture.

Earn more billable hours each day, each month, and each year.
The Prowler was designed to handle all pre-plant and post-work in crops up to about five feet tall.

Get into the fields sooner. Four driving wheels and a locking differential keep you moving over challenging terrain, while low sidewall tires help to increase the machine's floatation, giving each wheel a larger footprint to reduce compaction. 

Get around faster. At speeds up to 40 mph loaded or unloaded, spend more time in the field and less time getting there.

Spend less to run. The mechanical powertrain requires less fuel to run more efficiently and fewer replacement parts to worry with as time progresses.

Load it up. With 12-ton or 1800-gallon capacities, you'll make fewer stops to load.

More time in the field means your ride should be comfortable.

Experience continuous comfort in an air-ride suspension Crenlo cab, complete with an air-ride seat and Variable Coil Spring Suspension. You'll enjoy a comfortable ride with less field shock regardless of load size.

Stay cool by choosing optional window tinting to reduce glare, UV light, and solar heat. To further enhance operator comfort, the T380 Prowler features a heated and air-conditioned seat alongside an adjustable console to keep all functions within a comfortable reach.

An intelligent electronic chassis monitoring system. 

Easily view machine diagnostics and gauges on a bright, clear monitor. With 2019's innovative monitoring system, staying up to date on routine maintenance services has never been easier. You'll never lose valuable time because of a simple fuse or relay failure—alert and service log options will help you stay on top of your machine's maintenance and keep it at peak performance.

  • Variable Coil Spring Suspension evenly distributes heavy loads and absorbs each bump in the field to provide a smooth ride
  • Cab flexes separately from frame to further enhance the ride
  • Air suspension Crenlo cab
  • Heated & air-conditioned operator's seat
  • Front entry design
  • Six tier halogen lights with rear floodlights
  • Heated electronic mirrors, optional
  • Power ports for charging mobile accessories
  • Floor to ceiling glass for almost 360° visibility and view of the front tires
  • Under cab curtains

Unbeatable horsepower on the ground.

The T380 Prowler combines one of the industry's most powerful engines with outstanding torque and horsepower, enabling operators to accomplish more than ever before. The Cummins QSL9 380-hp engine is paired with an 11-speed Funk DF250 powershift transmission (requiring no inching pedal) so you'll never be without the field gear you need. 

Always moving. 

The Prowler offers the industry's best full-time, all-wheel-drive chassis, complete with a torque converter drive with powerful lock-up differentials, so you'll never worry about getting stuck.

You won't sacrifice fuel efficiency for power with the T380 Prowler. In fact, you'll notice reduced fuel consumption thanks to the fuel-efficient mechanical drive train and reverse-pitch CleanFix fan.

The Prowler is backed by one of the best warranties in the business-- with a Standard 36-hour/3000 mile warranty. Additional warranty options are available.


One Chassis—many possibilities.

Don't want to combo? No problem. The Prowler still leads the way in versatility while simultaneously extending your application window.

Get in the field before your competition despite a wet ground thanks to a combination of a near-even weight distribution on an all-mechanical drivetrain carried by low-sidewall tires. Since all four wheels are driving, you won't experience rear-end drop, and you won't risk the extreme rutting of a two-wheel drive machine.

Pre-emergence or post-emergence, spraying or spreading, the Prowler does it all.


Precision Plus Efficiency Equals Profitability.

The Prowler's 1800-gallon spray tank allows you to work longer and make fewer trips to fill up, saving you valuable time and adding to your profit.

The Prowler's 2+2 individual nozzle control system, using air induction tips, extends your application speed range, so you can confidently apply the same rates whether you slow down over rough terrain or go around turns.

With the combination of GVM's durable, heavy-duty booms, large spray tank, and nozzle control system, the T380 Prowler is the ultimate machine to help you get the job done with precision and ease.

 Standard System Boom Options
  • 1800 U.S. gal. (6813 L) capacity
  • 100 U.S. gal. (378 L) freshwater tank
  • Self-leveling, Parallel Links adjustable back rack
  • ARAG Quad (2+2) individual nozzle control
  • Pump and boom pressure gauge 
  • Air boom blowout system 
  • 1-in. SS boom lines, 2-180 gpm output
  • Rear camera
  • GVM Center Line steel booms
    • 60/80 ft or 60/90 ft
    • 20 or 20/30 in. nozzle spacing
    • Fully protected nozzles
  • Pommier aluminum booms
    • 65/100 or 65/120 ft
    • 20 or 20/30 in. nozzle spacing
Direct Injection Suspension Fertilizer Package
  • Up to four SS chemical injection or water pods
  • Allows operators to easily switch between fields and applications
  • Eliminates pre-mixing and the chance of cross-contamination
  • Allows chemical concentrations to be adjusted on the go
  • 2 in. SS lines, output up to 300 gpm
  • 3 in. Ace pump system
  • Richway 30 in. boom package w/ suck-in
  • 2 in. Mag Meter
  • Blow out system
 Additional Options  Precision Options
  • 1600 U.S. gal. (6057 L) tank ILOS
  • Fence row nozzles
  • Foam markers
  • SS eductor
  • Nozzle boxes & utility cabinets
  • Hydraulic pressure washer
  • 65 U.S. gal pressurized freshwater tank
  • Raven G-II UltraGlide AutoBoom
  • ISO Greentronics boom height control


Corrosion Resistant Fittings and Hardware

Heavily used hydraulic fittings and hardware will last longer thanks to GVM's new corrosion-resistant coating—yet another example of what sets the T380 apart in quality and reliability. 


Double Duty Does it Better.

Only GVM's Double Duty spreader guarantees a flat, 90- to 105-foot pattern without time-consuming adjustments between materials or rates. Cover more ground with less compaction, fuel, and stops when you spread with the Double Duty.

The new Double Duty Twin Chain gives you up to four sections of swath width control with the addition of twin chains and adjustable veins in the funnel. Keep things simple with on-the-go adjustability for waterways, point rows, and boundary spreading. The Double Duty Twin Chain's design requires few moving parts, minimalizing service needs and making set-up and operation simple.

  • Single product with multi-product options
  • 90-105 ft guaranteed flat pattern with granular fertilizer
  • Up to 120 ft spread pattern with some materials
  • Spreads fertilizer, gypsum, lime, compost, & most litters
  • 34 in. wide belt-over-chain conveyor for even flow to spinners & to avoid bridging when spreading lime or litter
  • Constant spread pattern, ability to automate spinner speeds within 3%
  • Patented funnel divider forces material to spinners with pinpoint control
  • 11 (303 ft3) ton struck capacity
  • 304 SS or painted 409 SS
  • Rear camera
  • Twin Chain for 4-section swath width control, optional


New Leader spreader bodies are another excellent spreader option. Choose the L4000, L4500 or NL5000 for fertilizer, urea, and lime application. All models offer multi-product add-on options. For feedlot manure, waste water sludge, industrial waste, paper mill waste, compost, marl, poultry litter, fly ash, and sludge application, choose the L5034 with a 392 ft3 struck capacity.


T380 Drivetrain

Drive type



Full-time AWD



Max. speed

41 mph (66 kph)

Speed ranges

11 forward/3 reverse 

T380 Engine & Transmission


Make and model

Cummins QSL9

EPA Emissions level

Tier 4F

Peak rated power

380 hp @1900 rpm

Number of cylinders



543 in.3 (8.9 L)

Fuel tank capacity

150 U.S. gal. (567.8 L)

DEF tank capacity

30 U.S. gal. (114 L)


CleanFix reverse-pitch 


Make and model

Funk DF250, 11-speed Powershift

Trans. oil capacity

12 U.S. gal. (45.4 L) 

T380 Chassis, Suspension & Tires

Chassis & Suspension

Frame construction 

4 x 10 x 3/8 in. tubular

Length & wheelbase

26 ft (7.9 m); 173 in. (439 cm)

Turning radius 

2WS: 26 ft (7.6 m) or 4WS: 15.5 ft (4.7 m)

Primary brakes 

Air operated wedge drum brake

Parking brakes 

Spring applied air release

Empty weight

Liquid: 30,200 lb (13,698.5 kg)  /  Granular: 26,420 lb (11,984 kg)

Loaded weight

Liquid: 45,524 lb (20,649 kg)  /  Granular: 47,710 lb (21,640 kg) 


Variable Coil Spring Suspension + rear air-leveling assist

Crop clearance

27-33 in. (68.6-83.8 cm)


Row crop, standard

Goodyear LSW 380/75R50 (73 in. OD)

Row crop, optional

Goodyear LSW 380/105R50 (82 in. OD)
Goodyear LSW 320/125R54 (84 in. OD
Goodyear LSW 480/95R64 (90 in. OD)

Flotation, optional 

Goodyear LSW 650/75R46 (82 in. OD)
Goodyear LSW 680/55R42 (73 in. OD)
Goodyear LSW 900/50R46 (82 in. OD)

T380 Axles

Front axle, fixed

29,000 lb capacity, 16.352/1 Double Reduction planetary w/ air differential lock

Rear axle, fixed

29,000 lb capacity, 16.352/1 Double Reduction planetary w/ air differential lock

Fixed axle track width

99 or 114 in. (2.5 or 2.9 m)
Wheeltrack: 90/108 or 108/120 in. (23./2.7 or 2.7/3 m)

Axles, adjustable

29,000 lb capacity, 16.352/1 Double Reduction planetary with air differential lock

Adjustable axle track widths

93-105 in. (2.4-2.7 m) or
109-121 in. (2.8-3m) 

T380 Dry Systems



New Leader


Double Duty 

Double Duty Twin Chain

L4000 G4

L4500 G4

NL5000 G5


11 tons struck, 330 ft3 (9.3 m3 9.5 tons struck, 277 ft3 (7.8 m3

Body material

304 SS or painted 409 SS  

Spread width

90-105 ft guaranteed
Up to 120 ft with some granular materials 

90-105 ft  


34 in. belt-over-chain  Twin, 16 in. bar chains 30 in. belt-over-chain 

Section Control

Single  4-section Single section  16-section

Multi-Product Options


 5 ft Fusion Insert (3 ton 95 ft3 capacity)
7 ft Fusion Insert (3.5 ton, 133 ft3 capacity)

 5 ft MultApplier Insert (115 ft3 capacity)
7 ft MultApplier Insert (161 ft3 capacity) 
8 ft MultiBin, 2, 3, or 4 hopper insert (143, 23, 21 ft3 capacity)  

T380 Liquid System


1600 U.S. gal. 
(6057 L)

1800 U.S. gal. 
(6813 L)


 Stainless steel

Freshwater tank

200 U.S. gal (757 L)

100 U.S. gal. (378 L)

Product pump

High volume Hypro 9306C std.
Scot High Volume Suspension opt.

Chemical eductor

Hypro 3375 Cleanload, 5.5 U.S. gal. (28 L) capacity

Quick fill size

3 in.


Electronic control valve
0, 13%, 25%, 38%, 50%, 75%, 100%

Pressure strainer

SS Banjo 50 mesh T-Strainer

T380 Boom Options

Boom width options

GVM Steel Center Line: 60/80 or 60/90 ft
Pommier: 65/100 or 65/120 ft

Plumbing material

Stainless steel

Ground height adjustment

34.7-89 in. (88-226 cm) up to 39.7-94 in. (101-238 cm)

Breakaway width

6.7 ft (2 m)

Boom sections

Individual nozzle control, ARAG Quad (2+2) system

Nozzle spacing

20 or 20/30 in. (50.8 or 50.8/76.2 cm)