Mako sprayer in corn field
  • Mako sprayer in corn field

    Lightweight spraying

  • Mako with sprayer specific cab

    Easy Controls

  • Mako series with 36 or 46 inches of clearance

    440 & 450

  • Mako 440 in 30 inches of corn

    Mako 440

  • Optional extended width kit on Mako

    Ext. Width Kit Opt.

  • Mako with 60/80 ft steel booms

    60/80' Boom Option

  • Mako with choice of steel or aluminum booms

    Aluminum Boom Opt.

  • Mako with tier 3 Cummins and Allison 5 speed transmission

    Efficient & Powerful

  • Mako 450

    Mako 450

The 440, 440NT, and 450 Makos are the newest member of the GVM equipment lineup. The Mako is aggressive yet nimble and quick, made to conquer any field and increase your profits. The Mako features a reliable, mechanical drive powertrain and the industry's lightest footprint to minimize soil compaction and allow you to get into the fields earlier than its larger competitors.

Designed for high-speed, low-volume spraying, the Mako runs strong all season.

  • 400-gallon product tank
  • 36 or 46 in. of clearance
  • 13.8 ft turning radius
  • Boom options up to 90 ft
  • 72 in. or 80-120 in. track width
  • Tier 3 Cummins 130 hp 4.5L engine
  • Automatic Allison 5-speed transmission
  • ISO ready fuel-efficient mechanical drivetrain
  • ISO ready

The GVM Mako features a Cummins engine and an all-mechanical powertrain. It is driven by a Tier 3, 130 horsepower, 4.5L Cummins QSB engine and paired with an automatic Allison five-speed transmission. The Mako’s resilient powertrain provides unparalleled reliability to keep you in motion all season long. 

The turbo charged and charge air cooled Cummins QSB4.5 reaches Tier 3 and stage IIIA compliance with compact in-cylinder technology that makes machines work harder, more intelligently, more quietly, and for longer periods of time. 

The automatic Allison 2100 series transmission with a torque converter lock-up provides smooth, flawless, full-power shifts to quickly put maximum engine power to the ground for quick acceleration and higher average road speeds. 

Speed Ranges

  • 1st:   4.5 mph (7.2 kph)
  • 2nd:  7.7 mph (12.4 mph)
  • 3rd:  10.1 mph (16.3 kph)
  • 4th:  14.1 mph (22.8 kph)
  • 5th:  22 mph (35.4 kph)
  • Reverse:  3.2 mph (5.1 kph)


The Mako’s cab was designed specifically for comfortable and easy spraying. The Mako cab features an air suspension seat with height and lumbar adjustment, seat recline, and seat cushion tilt. To expand your overall comfort, its sound dampening system decreases engine noise, a charcoal cab filter eliminates harmful chemicals from the air, and a high-output A/C system keeps you cool, even on the hottest days.

Large enough for a comfortable, full day of application, the cab features nearly 70 cubic feet of space, but is compact enough that all controls are only an arm’s length away. The Mako is simple to learn and operate with its simple controls and uncomplicated dash.

With almost 30 square feet of glass, including a solid glass entry door, operators have an almost 360° view of the field. A clear view of the front tires and spraying system allows operators to comfortably monitor performance without struggling to see or leaving the comfort of their air suspension seat.

  • Full glass door with an unobstructed view
  • Straightforward and well-structured controls
  • An air ride seat for the most comfortable ride
  • Air-conditioned
  • Tilt and telescoping adjusted steering wheel
  • Charcoal filter

The 2017 GVM Mako comes standard with ISO controls. Choose your preferred Ag Leader, Raven, TeeJet, Trimble, John Deere, or Case guidance system.

Efficient Lightweight Spraying

Application windows are often short, so when it's time to run, you have to be ready. The reliable power of the GVM Mako will get you to the field first, even in wet, typically unsuitable conditions. Due to the small, 400-gallon poly tank, lightweight design, and mechanical drivetrain, you won't have to worry about soil compaction or marking up fields.

GVM’s spray system is designed for many seasons of heavy duty work. The Mako comes standard with light, yet durable steel booms designed with extra support and an inner breakaway or choose a Pommier aluminum boom to spray further while reducing your overall weight.

  • Hypro belt drive, centrifugal pump with heavy duty clutch
  • Maximum capacity: 140 gpm (530 lpm) and 114 PSI (7.8 bar)
  • 2 in. quick fill with easy, ground level access
  • Electric agitation with manual adjust

Boom System/Options:

  • Standard booms: 60 ft steel booms, 20 in. spacing, single nozzle bodies
  • Boom options: 60/80 ft (18.3/24.4 m) steel, 42/80 ft (12.8/24.4 m) or 50/90 ft (15.2/27.4 m) aluminum
  • Electronically controlled, 5-section manifolds
  • Hydraulic adjustable boom height, boom fold w/ cylinder cushion, &boom tip lift
  • Inner boom breakaway w/ shock absorber, auto reset

Ready to Spray in Any Field

The Mako is an excellent choice for dependable application through almost any crop, growth stage, and field condition. 

Multiple track width adjustments make moving between fields simple. The manual front and hydraulic rear track adjustments provide operators with over 30 inches of adjustability.

Need to go wider? Add the optional Extended Width Kit to increase your track width to 120 inches.

The Mako features an independent integral strut and spring front suspension with an oscillating front axle and an independent knee action suspension with coil springs and hydraulic shocks to provide a comfortable, stable ride.

  Mako 440NT   Mako 440   Mako 450

Track Width
72 in. (182.9 cm)
Crop Clearance
36 in. (91.4 cm)
Boom Heights
Low: 11-66 in. (27.9-167.6 cm)
High: 27-82 in. (68.6-208.3 cm)

Track Width
80-120 in. (203.2-304 cm)
Crop Clearance
36 in. (91.4 cm)
Boom Heights
Low: 11-66 in. (27.9-167.6 cm)
High: 27-82 in. (68.6-208.3 cm)

Track Width
80-120 in. (203.2-304 cm)
Crop Clearance
46 in. (116.8 cm)
Boom Heights
Low: 21-76 in. (53.3-193 cm)
High: 37-92 in. (94-233.7 cm)



Mako 440NT, 440, & 450

 Type drive Mechanical
 Shifting Automatic with optional gear selection
 Max. transport/road speed 22 mph (35.4 kph)
 Speed ranges  
       1st 4.5 mph (7.2 kph)
       2nd 7.7 mph (12.4 kph)
       3rd 10.1 mph (16.3 kph)
       4th 14.1 mph (22.8 kph
       5th 22 mph (35.4 kph)
       Reverse 3.2 mph (5.1 kph)



Mako 440NT, 440, & 450

Make and model Cummins QSB4.5, Inline 4-cylinder
EPA emissions level Tier 3/Stage IIIA Emissions Compliant
Peak rated power 130 hp (97 kW) @ 2300 rpm
Displacement 4.5L (269 in.3)
Fuel Diesel
Fuel tank capacity 44 U.S. gal. (166.6 L)
Engine oil capacity 11.6 qt (11 L)


  Mako 440NT, 440, & 450
Make and model Automatic Allison 2100 RDS 5-speed B19
Trans. oil capacity 15 qt (14 L)






Frame construction

5 x 3 x .3 in. (12.7 x 7.6 x .95 cm) rectangular tube steel


36 in. (91.4 cm)

46 in. (116.8 cm)


139.9 in. (355 cm)

Overall length* 

245 in. (622.3 cm)   

Overall width 

108 in. (274.3 cm) top-fold boom tips, 112 in. (284 cm) side-fold boom tips   

Overall height* 

117.5 in. (298.5 cm)  

127 in. (322.6 cm) 

Turning radius* 

13.8 ft (4.2 m)

Primary brakes 

Individual left and right power disc brakes

Parking brakes 

Foot operated parking brake   


Unloaded: 12,080 lb (5,479.4 kg)
Loaded: 15,200 lb (6,894.6 kg) 

Unloaded: 12,360 lb (5,606.4 kg)
Loaded: 15,480 lb (7,021.6 kg)

*Clearance, overall length, overall height, and turning radius are all listed for a standard machine. 
Weight listed with standard tires and 60/80 ft steel booms. Boom and tire options will cause these measures to vary. 


Spraying System

  • 400 US gal. (1514 L) capacity poly product tank
  • Belt-driven Hypro centrifugal pump with heavy duty electromagnetic clutch
  • 2 in. (5.08 cm) diameter plumbing fill
  • Raven SCS 460 controller
  • Raven 110 GPS speed sensor
  • Electronically controlled, 5-section, spray manifolds
  • Manually adjusted agitation with electric on/off
  • 50-mesh screen filtration






Boom height
Low position

11-66 in. (27.9-167.6 cm)

21-76 in. (53.3-193 cm)

Boom Height
High position

27-82 in. (68.6-208.3 cm)

37-92 in. (94-233.7 cm)

Product tank capacity

400 U.S. gal. (1,514 L)

Spray control 

ISO spray control   

Product pump

Engine mounted, belt drive Hypro centrifugal pump with electromagnetic clutch  


Manual adjust with electric on/off 


50-mesh screen

Quick fill size

2 in. (5.08 cm)

Tires, Suspension, & Track Width





Front tires

320/85R24 standard, 9.00 x 24, fluid-filled optional

Rear tires

320/85R24 standard, 380/85R24, 270/95R32, fluid-filled optional

Front suspension

Independent spring suspension with oscillating front axle

Rear suspension

Independent knee action suspension with coil spring and hydraulic shock

Track width

72 in. (182.9 cm)

80-120 in. (203.2-304.8 cm)

Additional Options

  • Controller and Steering Options
    • ISO GVM 8 in. virtual terminal and 6500 GPS receiver
    • Raven 460 with GPS speed sensor
    • Ag Leader OnTrac3™ assisted steering
    • Ag Leader SteerCommand™ automated steering
  • Boom Height Control Options
    • Greentronics RiteHeight with 3 or 5 sensors, ISO or standard
  • Boom Options 
    • 60 ft, 20 in. on or off-center nozzle spacing
    • 60/80 ft, 10 or 20 in. off-center nozzle spacing
    • Aluminum: 42/80 ft, 5 section, 15 or 20 in. off-center nozzle spacing or 50/90 ft, 5 section, 20 in. off-center nozzle spacing
    • Rotary triple nozzles, in lieu of standard 
  • Tire and Wheel Options
    • Front: 9.00x24 or 320/85R24, standard or fluid filled
    • Rear: 320/85R32, 380/85R24, or 270/95R32
  • Fenders, front and/or rear
  • Toolbox
  • Field Installed Options
    • Poly crop deflectors 
    • Belly shield 
    • Foam Marker Kit 
    • Rear Floodlight Kit, LED (2, 4, or 6 lights) 
    • Extended Width Kit: includes 12 in. front suspension extension and 6 in. stub axle drive shaft extension (allows 80-108 in. machines to be extended to 92-120 in.)


  • 2 yr/2,000 hr Cummins engine
  • 3 yr/3,000 hr Allison transmission
  • 2 yr/2,000 hr Dana rear
  • 1 yr/1,000 hr GVM bumper-to-bumper