F-550 Hydra Spray
  • F-550 Hydra Spray

    F-550 Hydra Spray

  • F-550 Hydra Spread

    F-550 Hydra Spread

Built on a new F-550 chassis the GVM Hydra Spray/Hydra Spread is a narrow machine, featuring a tight turning radius, comfortable road travel and combo capabilities for year round use. The Hydra Spray/Hydra Spread offers farmers, custom applicators, and co-ops versatility and easy maneuverability.

The F-550 chassis will help you navigate into areas larger and wider applicator cannot reach, like pastures, gate ways and farm roads. With tire and Lift Kit options, the Hydra Spray/Hydra Spread can tackle pre and post-emergence applications. The chassis allows the Hydra Spray to move quickly from one field to another; it is ideal for smaller fields but can also work larger fields.

  • Ford F-350/F-550 XL Super Duty 4x4 chassis
  • 545-gallon option available
  • 4.0T Double Duty spreader available
  • 50 ft booms, 60 ft option available
 Ford F-550 XL Super Duty 4x4 Chassis  
 Drivetrain  Machine Dimensions
  • 6.7L Power Stroke® V8 Turbo Diesel engine
  • 300 horsepower @ 2,800 rpm,
    660 ft-lb torque @ 1,600 rpm's
  • 6-speed automatic transmission with live PTO
  • Auxiliary idle control
  • 4.88 limited slip rear axle
  • 35 US gal. (132.5 L) fuel tank
  • Wheelbase: 143 in. (3.6 m)
  • Turning radius: 18 - 20 ft (5.5 - 6.1 m)
  • Primary brakes: DOT approved, hydraulic disc
  • Parking brakes: cable operated
  • Maximum GVW: 19,500 lb (8845 kg)
 Chassis  Options
  • XL Decor Package, includes high back vinyl seats and cab steps
  • Power Group including power locks, keyless entry, power side windows, and theft alarm
  • Snow Plow Package with heavy duty alternator
  • A/C, AM/FM radio
  • Stainless steel fenders and suspension bumper hitch
  • Stainless steel fender mounted nozzle box
  • Chassis undercoating for fertilizer protection
  • GVM Lift Kit: includes 6 in. (15.24 cm lift), bumper extension, heavy duty radiator screen, carbon filters, live PTO hydraulic pump


 Ford F-550 Suspension & Tires

 Suspension  Tires
  • Leaf spring suspension
  • F-550 rear axle: 4.88 limited slip
  • 18 in. of crop clearance
  • 82 in. centers
  • Standard tires: (6) 225/85R19 radial
  • Row crop tires: 41 in. Goodyear 177 11R22.5 12 ply radial*
  • Flotation tires: Goodyear 178 385/22.5 12 ply*
  • Raven 460 controller standard, see Precision tab for more options
  • Fiberglass center console with hour meter
  • Joystick boom controls
    • 3-section boom control
    • 356 motorized ball valve shut-offs with SS ball and stem
  • Electronic pressure transducer with console pressure readout
  • 2-100 gpm flowmeter with Banjo quick flange

GVM Hydra Spray

 Spray System  Boom System
  • 545 US gal. (2063 L) stainless steel tank 
  • Deep v-sump with 2 in. (5.08 cm) stainless steel sump valve with lever control and interior rinse tube
  • Hypro 2 x 1-½ in. high volume pump system, SS pump optional
  • Manual lever in-cab controlled agitation
  • Banjo 2 in. stainless steel T-strainer
  • High volume bottom tank refill
  • Stainless steel inductor with hinged lid
  • Banjo quick flanged stainless steel manifolds and valves
  • 2 in. quick fill
  • 30 US gal. (113.5 L) stainless steel side mount auxiliary tank with sight gauge and check valve
  • Hand wash, 12V, 100 psi washer
  • 33 US gal. (125 L) Simpson foam marker
  • 50 or 60 ft (15.2 or 18.3 m) powder coated with accumulator shocks and spring shock break-away
  • Heavy duty truss booms with hydraulic boom lock and boom skid protector
  • 18 in. heavy duty, adjustable, self-leveling backrack
  • Breakaway width: 6.7 ft (2 m)
  • Stainless steel boom lines, 1 in. plumbing
  • 3 boom sections, 5 sections optional
  • 360° five-way nozzle bodies with diaphragm check-valves
  • Fence row nozzle
  • 15, 20 or 30 in. (38.1, 50.8, 76.2 cm) nozzle spacing
  • Joystick boom controls

GVM Hydra Spread

  4.0T Double Duty Spreader  Dry Options
  • Adjustable spread pattern
    • Lime: spreads up to 60 ft
    • Fertilizer: spread up to 90-105 ft
  • 34 in.  belt-over-chain conveyor
  • Patented, reverse rotating spinner design
  • Unique control system controls the BOC conveyor to ground speed regardless of varying terrain
  • Automated spinner speeds within 3% provides a consistent and constant spread pattern
  • Variable rate application capabilities with any field controller
  • DOT light kit
  • Stainless steel bi-fold ladder and 108 in. wide floater fenders
  • Bin level sensor
  • Brand of PWM control with gear tooth sensor and CAN node
  • Shur-Lok Fusion Cable-Lok roll tarp with stainless steel bows
Spreader Body
Dimensions  9 ft x 78 in. (2 m x 198 cm) wide
Struck capacity  4.0 ton, 124 cu ft (3.5 cu m)
Construction  10 gauge, 304 stainless steel
Size  #4, 34 in. (86.36 cm) belt-over-chain conveyor
Material  Heavy duty pintle chain with multi-ply belt, riveted to the crossbar (5 rivets per crossbar)
Belt sealer  Solid rubber sealer strips prevent material from leaking off chain
Chain oiler  Twin-line with clear sight tubing
Size and construction  Dual 24 in. (60.96 cm), 304 stainless steel
Spread width  90-105 ft (27.4 - 32 m)
Application rate  PWM controlled hydraulic system
Spreads as low as to 100 lb fertilizer/acre
Spreads as high as 3 tons lime/acre over 6 mph
Accuracy  180 count rate sensor, pairs with any field controller
Spinner motors  Commercial, heavy-duty gear motors with double bearing output shafts, bottom mounted to ¼ in. (0.635 cm), 304 stainless steel spinner nest assembly
Spinner speed  Computer controlled hydraulic PWM valve
Belt control  New Leader 6:1 dual pinion gearbox with hydraulic Charlyn motor
Hillside divider  Quick change, 304 stainless steel, uniquely designed for lime and fertilizer
Capacity  18. US gal. (68 L)systemwithpressurerelief valve
Reservoir  25 US gal. (94.6 L)
Cooler  12V

Controller and GPS Options

  • Raven 460 controller, standard
  • Raven Envizio Pro CAN controller with built-in Phoenix 200 Helix receiver, optional
  • Raven RGL 600 all-weather lightbar, optional
  • Raven Cruiser with Helix antenna, optional
  • Raven AccuBoom Swath Control, optional
  • Ag Leader InCommand 800 with 6500 GPS, optional
  • Greentronics RiteHeight boom height control, 3 sensor system, optional